Christina Pateros

Artisan . Healing Practitioner . Teacher . Guide

Christina Pateros, born Christine , was ‘rechristened’ Christina in Peru by a high Andean shaman in the Andes during sacred ceremony there in 2011.

Christina’s soul purpose focuses on the work of uncovering, clearing, unblocking, unfolding and nurturing the beauty of the soul by sourcing from truth, living with acceptance and in integrity and in joy,~ all rooted in the divine~peace.

Through her shamanic energy healing practice working with children and adults, families and beloved pets, ~via creative expression through art in many diverse forms ~by teaching and mentoring ~through global and community connections and service ~and through her many roles including mother and beloved, Chris lives and works to fulfill this purpose.

Christina has experienced the beauty of the world around her, deeply seeing and feeling, since she was a young girl growing up in the city of Chicago. She has been a spiritual seeker for as long as she can remember and for the last three decades, healing has been her vocation. She has been on her own life-long healing path experiencing first-hand the gifts of so many healers from many diverse cultures and modalities and seeks to integrate the wisdom gained from her own healing experiences in her work with others.

Sacred journeys have enriched her life in transformational ways. Her path has taken her to India on solo journey to work in Mother Teresa’s missions with the dying indigent in Kolkata where she experienced holding healed life in her hands. There in India, she also had the life-altering and sacred honor of holding a starved dying woman in her arms in the final hours of her life to her last breath, as she peacefully and gracefully transitioned to spirit. This experience touched her very core and shapes her work with the dying supporting the journey to spirit with the flow of peace, dignity and grace. Christina has explored ancient sacred sites in the South of France and throughout the U.S. on her own vision quests trekking, studying, training, practicing and teaching shamanism. She has journeyed to Peru on multiple occasions traversing the land walking side-by-side with the Q’uero shamans in the sacred valley and high mountain Andes, sitting in ceremony with them at the water’s edge of  high mountain lagoon and at sacred Incan archaeological sites honoring the land and the lineage. She has journeyed with the Q’uero co-leading and guiding children from around the world on their own spiritual quests as they experienced the bounty of the land and the magic of the indigenous peoples. Deep in Peruvian Amazonia, Chris experienced the way beyond death in ayahuasca ceremony, further connecting her to the sacred work of supporting and nurturing conscious dying.

Christina has trained with and been taught by many healers, sages and spiritual leaders amongst them Tenzin Gyatso, HH the 14th Dalai Lama, Peruvian Pacos Don Francisco, Don Pablo Cruz, Don Pasquale, and Don Augustin, Alberto Villoldo, Jose Luis Herrera, and Master Yang Yang. She acknowledges with deep gratitude that the unnamed wise teachers and mentors along the way outnumber the named by far;  being a life-long learner is a true gift. She is a graduate of the The Four Winds Society’s Light Body School and is a full mesa carrier in the Q’uero lineage of the high Peruvian Andes. In the realms of energetic healing, she also has extensive training in craniosacral therapy and Reiki (Master level).

Christina has cared for children with diagnoses of cerebral palsy, spina bifida, and scoliosis as a peri-operative and rehab nurse. As the school nurse in elementary settings, she triaged and holistically treated students as well as adult staff and integrated health and wellness teachings in-office and in classrooms. She has passionately advocated for students with labels of learning disabilities, attention deficit, and autism spectrum disorders who did not gracefully fit into traditional academic settings or who struggled academically or socially. Her ability to work with sensitive and intuitive children is recognized as a gift. In a University health clinic setting, she served the college students by providing wellness education as well as acute holistic care while selectively integrating shamanic craniosacral interventions. On her own journey and vocational path, Christina delved for some time into clinical research serving clinically as coordinator of studies as well as quality assurance consultant. It was here that she experienced first-hand the business of pharmaceuticals which later shaped her intense passion for holistic integrative care. Here she also developed her trust in the body’s innate wisdom to heal and balance itself, and she found deep reverence for the gift of the healing power of plants and food as medicine.

Humbly, she is the mother of two amazing young women, who inspire her as they actively create their lives sourcing from their life’s dreams. She is an artisan integrating creativity into life around her. On her most soulful days, Christina writes, draws, dances, and communes with mother earth, her land and waters and her beautiful animal creatures and plant and stone people. Christina honors her sacred journeys as priceless experiences of immersion for the senses and the soul and is living her calling to lead others on magical spirit-filled journeys to sacred lands. She lives her dreams with gratitude for being awakened and living consciously in the {gift of the} vessel we call the body. She honors her own sacred feminine, and sacred masculine…the artisan, the healer, the mother, the adventurer, the teacher, the guide amongst others. And she strives to live fulfilled: simply, purely, and in gratitude… smiling and laughing much along the way…