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I want to say that I think you are awesome.  What came through, what you led me through was more than I ever expected. 

I am truly blessed for knowing you and for the healing you have helped me through. Everyone you touch will benefit from you even those who do not know you.  By being ourselves, yourself, we are doing the world a favor because it is genuine and nothing is more special to the universe than a reflection of itself, you…Christina is a very powerful and intuituve shaman.  For two years I have struggled with a diagnosis and was literally frozen in denial about what to do.  Call it a combination of fear, anxiety and disbelief.  Everybody was telling me what I had to do but I could not accept it and did not want to hear it.  A good shaman like Christina does not have to tell you what to do.  Instead she sets up a sacred space where you are safe to do the work of finding your Self and you figure it out.  Christina took me back, finding the Child in me that was lost so long ago, reaquaint with it, and then see it in the future.  Christina creates a safe place to do all this. Without Christina, I might still be in denial, but she led me to see where I have been and where I want to go enough to make it happen.  Everyone’s journey is unique and everyone’s story is personal.  We cover it in layers until it gets buried without realizing it.  Let Christina uncover your story so you can accomplish the job you came here to do.
E. M.~ DeKalb IL

Christine is a gifted healer whom I trust with my deepest needs for healing.  She gracefully and skillfully guides the healing process and in creating a sacred space that allows one to go where is needed in safety, beauty and compassion.  I have received such deep healing and so much generosity from our time together where she serves as a guide to help me learn, grow, and succeed on my own healing path.  I have so much gratitude for her presence and gifts in my life, I would recommend her services to everyone.

H.K. Chicago IL

I am pleased that I was able to journey like this.  Thank you so much for your work on my behalf in the healing. Your presence elicits truth, which can be both beautiful and painful at the same time.  I definitely see a strong dose of the  “opener” archetype in you.  I don’t know if that’s an official one or not, but I think it’s real.

Psychiatrist, Atlanta, GA

I feel open, cleansed, free, receptive, and more. A real calm is present now… To say I am looking forward to my next visit with you would be a terrible understatement! I have tears (of joy) in my eyes as I write this and a candle is lit. I often think of that night you did the despacho ceremony in our house. It connected deeply somewhere inside of me. I was still drinking heavily at the time, but it got through the haze. I felt the spirit and it increased with the fire in the backyard. I smile and laugh as well when I think about the rattle flying off into the darkness. But like my spirit, it was found and returned.–Since the day at your (healing space) where I believe I started my real journey, I have been trying to live differently. I have good days and great days. I don’t have bad days anymore. I look to the spirits in all the world and see how much joy is to be had in the smallest things and I have you to thank for starting me. THANK YOU SO MUCH. You can be sure I will put a prayer in for you during the Native American convention.

C. P. Downer’s Grove IL

“Christina has such a tremendous gift. I live thousands of miles away and she was able to connect with me remotely in a very powerful and beautiful way. I felt like she could see right into me and she left me with a sense of deep peace mixed with total elation. It’s been a month since our session together and I think I’m still feeling its effects. Thank you, Christina!”

M.M. Hollywood, CA

Oh my, where do I begin?!  Yesterday was unbelievable.  I cannot stop thinking about it.  The hawk experience so deeply touched me.  It was so wonderful to have you here, giving me information and wisdom, and at other times validating what I have felt. Thank you, thank you, thank you!  It was such an amazing experience…  Christine is amazing – gentle, attuned, and authentic.  She truly listens to what you are saying AND what your heart and soul are saying.  Her focus during sessions is the core issue.  By doing this, she helps US to heal and peacefully align our body, mind, and spirit.  Christine is a compassionate and knowledgeable woman, guide, and shaman who will assist you going forward on your life path.

B.H. Mokena IL

Thank you so much for the house cleansing!! It feels brighter and looks brighter. The heaviness is gone! I moved that mirror (we talked about),  moved a plant in and WOW! Even my dog is different in that room! It’s so warm and welcoming now. Thank you so much!

L.W. Elmwood Park IL

Everything was magical Christine. Your place has such beautiful energy–a beautiful space to do your healing work in. The people who find their way to you are blessed.

M. B. Evanston IL

This one session healed what would have taken four years of (talk) therapy!

K. L. Oak Park IL

This is the most beautiful thing that I have ever experienced~ {Opening of sacred space}

S.G. Lombard IL

You are gifted, Chris. Amazing. Thank you.

K. K. ~MA Ukraine & Russia

I think you answered questions that I had before I even asked them. I go about my days and realize that the peace I felt after the session is lasting. I don’t know what you did exactly, but I know that I haven’t felt this peace in years, if ever. The issue with my brother which was so long lasting- I feel peace now- I was able to call him on the phone and talk. I now feel compassion instead of anger. Thank You Thank You.

N.K. Indiana

Thank you so much Chris. I feel so good I can’t even put it into words. My friends say I am glowing.

S.R. Czech Republic

I now wake up in the morning without anxiety. I don’t have that feeling I had for as long as I can remember- the anxiousness. I know it’s because of the work we’ve done. I feel peaceful now and feel like I am creating what I want in my life .

R.C. Chicago IL

i wanted to send my heart felt appreciation for your lovely healing session! what a wonderful feeling to recognize my heart~ soul once again. its been far too long !! and your loving space more than helped in reaching this goal !! i must admit, i am craving more in leaps and bounds !! peace and love !!

~ B.S. Mokena IL

“I didn’t feel the wind {during the session}~ I was the wind.”

Student ~ Art Institute of Chicago

The session I had with Christina came at a time when I was working through some issues in my life.  It was an uncomfortable time, a time where I had difficulty explaining what was going on with my body and why or how I was feeling the way I was.  I had met Christina at a Shamanic energy healing class and immediately made a strong connection with her.  I subsequently had the opportunity to have a session with her and my partner accompanied me.  Christina recognized my struggle and created a beautiful energetic space for me and invited my partner to join us during the ceremony.  The experience was beautiful!  Although my issues and feelings did not go away immediately, Christina created a space for me to begin my healing.  And, following the session I continued with the process of my healing and growth.  Additionally, my partner was able to experience beauty, peace and healing by simply being present in the session.  We were blessed by Christina’s beautiful way, her gentleness, and the powerful healing spirit she brought to the session. We thank you Christina and blessings back to you!


When I laid down for a moment with my little son I remembered the first rite you taught me. I felt my hands connected to a long line of people/ healers/. My hands started tickling while I was thinking of this. I have the feeling that I am never alone when I start working.

While driving back home these words came to my mind: reassurance, support, inner power, will to change. Happiness also. I do not feel worry anymore…

Before going to sleep that day I saw light in front of me, that I am stepping into some brightness.

Next day I thought that snake symbolizes rebirth – when you shed the old, new self is being born. Also I need to look for answers inside of me, get more time to be quiet and listen, to still my waters.

All this lead to a cleansing of my body…

It is true that new beginnings are sometimes disguised as endings.

I am feeling much better on all levels. Happy and grateful I’ve come to know you.

P.R. Chicago via Bulgaria

From People About Their Pets



I’m writing this testimonial because I am thrilled with the results Chris achieved after my Airedale puppy named Jack broke his knee and suffered serious ligament damage.I was astounded when Chris came to my home to treat Jack and he rested calmly in her arms after only a few minutes. (This is a dog who keeps still only after he goes to sleep).After 3 or 4 visits from Chris over a period of about 3 weeks, Jack resumed full movement and showed no impairment from his injury and surgery. The vet specialist who performed Jack’s repair surgery said that his recovery was remarkable in that it occurred so swiftly. I still don’t understand the techniques that Chris used to help Jack – I just know that they really helped.

F.F.   Oak Park, IL

When Abbey the sweet cocker spaniel began having kidney failure, Christina was able to connect with her. Abbey did not want healing, we found out. She wanted to convey that she wanted to die at home. This message allowed the family to prepare for that and after 9 months of living a good quality of life, she started to struggle. Christina was right there in the morning before the vet could arrive. Some of Abbey’s last hours were with family and Christina who performed the energetic clearing with Abbey. It was amazing to watch Abbey become calm and peaceful and freed from pain. By the time the compassionate home visit vet arrived, Abbey was already gone~ her body was there, her eyes were open, her heart beating, but she was no longer present. The vet then performed the final pieces of euthanasia. It gave such peace to know she so gracefully passed. The combination of the two working~ Christina with the unseen and the vet with the seen, was amazing.

Chris~ What can I say…I don’t know how I would have made it through last Tuesday (with Abbey dying) if you had not been here. Thank you so much. I appreciate it in more ways than I can describe with words. We all Thank You! Your work is so powerful and important. I hope you’ll be able to do much more of it for pets and their families. With Love~

K.L. Oak Park IL

Chris~ Thank you so much for being there with Abbey- it gives me great comfort to know she was with you and my mom when she died so peacefully. And I don’t know what it would have been like for my mom had you not been there. Love~

E.L. New York, NY