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Shamanic Energy Healing

Shamanic Holistic Services

Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.

~The Buddha

~Private Sessions

Private energy healing sessions are as varied as individuals. Christina integrates the indigenous healing ways of the Americas including both shamanic Andean healing and Native North American healing traditions to create and support a container that is not only sacred but deeply transformational in uncovering truths and supporting each individual soul’s calling. Sessions are generally one hour in length at minimum. Since deep healing at the core occurs in safe sacred space, the client’s comfort is of utmost importance. Christina works with each individual to provide this comfort, whether the session is in-person or by distance.

Individuals seek energetic healing for physical symptoms, emotional or mental symptoms, searching or seeking one’s soul’s path or purpose, for spiritual connection and guidance, or sometimes, for release of old patterns that simply no longer serve the person in their life. Some seek private session work to find the quiet. Some seek deep transformation in their lives. Christina supports each individual’s needs and intentions and their soul’s longing. Support of the physical and emotional parts of one’s being are key to integration and are supported fully within the context of the session work. Balance and integration along with peace and loving compassion are Christina’s intentions for all individuals seeking healing.

Private sessions are available world-wide. Distance sessions can be done via phone, Skype, or via prearranged time free of electronic connection at the time of session. In person sessions take place in the Boulder office, Chicago area pre-booking {USA} or via home visits world-wide.  All sessions include post session follow-up via e-mail. One hour sessions, extended work sessions as well as brief healing check-ins or visits are available.

$250 90 minutes Initial Visit

$175 1 hour


People say that what we’re all seeking is a meaning for life. I don’t think that’s what we’re really seeking. I think that what we’re seeking is an experience of being alive, so that our life experiences on the purely physical plane will have resonances with our own innermost being and reality, so that we actually feel the rapture of being alive.

~Joseph Campbell


~Private Sessions- Expressing the Soul

Creative expression is a powerful way for the soul to shine.  Come clear, integrate and create. Come experience a truly loving vibration. These sessions may include sacred drum creation, mask making, painting, Touch Drawing, jewelry creation or movement/dance. When the intention is set to allow for deep shifts while the soul expresses itself in the most sacred of ways, unencumbered by old belief systems, then permission to self is granted. This is the place where magic has a way of happening. Come be free and create, express and accept all that you are.

$250 Session + Materials~

$400 Half Day Immersion

$800 Day Immersion   Cleansing, Clearing, Journeying, Teaching, Creating, Stepping into a New Story of Empowerment

~Home Cleansing & Clearing  

Keeping our home space clean and clear provides us with the ability to enjoy our places and let them serve us well and effectively and efficiently. Christina provides energetic cleansing and clearing of space, upon moving in or out of a new home, during a major life event, when desiring shifts or changes for the occupants, or simply as a part of supporting growth and creation in life. Simply put, all matter has energy. Regular and periodic space cleansing is wise. Intense space clearing to effect positive shifts when called for is even wiser. Support peaceful living and supportive space by making space cleansing and clearing part of your home’s upkeep and care.

$250 base Fee based on Space Size and Location

~Space/ Land Cleansing & Clearing  

Like home clearing and cleansing, all space that we utilize and live or work in requires energetic maintenance. Office /Work space clearing is key to smooth flowing of operations as well as supportive of creation and growth.

Land clearing is as important as clearing indoor space as the land that we steward absorbs the energy of the experiences in it’s history over time. Land clearing, once done, is then supported through honoring the land with what it needs to flourish. Where plants may not have grown, gardens may spring forth vibrantly nourished by rich soil lovingly tended


The power of the world always works in circles, and everything is round like a ball, and so are all the stars.  The wind in its greatest power whirls.  Birds make their nests in circles, for theirs is the same religion as ours….. Even the seasons form a great circle in their changing, and always come back again to where they were.  The life of a man is a circle from childhood to childhood, and so it is in everything where power moves.

~Black Elk


~Conscious Dying~ Living and Dying with Grace

In western culture, transition from this life is often held as an event to be ignored, or denied, or simply not dealt with as an essential part of living. The Shamanic cosmology views leaving this life as rite of passage to be sweetly and gently nurtured and held. Death or transition from this physical realm to spirit is befriended in life so that it becomes our ally and is respected as an amazing journey as opposed to being feared or shunned. This frees us to live instead of being stalked by dying. Christina supports the soul and the energetic body to cross with grace and dignity.  “We must acknowledge and accept that we are infinite spirits in a finite human body to be able to consciously experience this human existence we call life.” Christina’s gifts to be a guide in this process are grounded in innate compassion and love for both the loved one crossing and for the loved ones around them. Whether one has lived decades and has said goodbyes and I love yous, or one has accomplished their life’s mission, whether one has lived a short life here, or whether one passes abruptly, Christina holds the sacred space of deep love and peace and acceptance so that one may make the journey beyond physical death while immersed in the beauty of divine light. This gift of supporting the dying process was uncovered for Christina in Kolkata India as she supported the release of a woman’s soul from her starved physical body while divinely guided at Mother Teresa’s original mission. In the Peruvian Amazon, Christina had her own death experience and in returning to this life accepts the call to support others to live and die consciously with the divine rights of beauty, grace, dignity and love.

Recapitulation~ Support for the dying through life review, finding purpose and bringing closure to relationships. Accomplished through many modes with beauty and grace- words, silence, music, pictures.

Chakra Cleansing~ Cleansing and clearing energetically the 7 chakras allowing the heavy energy to lift. This prepares for a peaceful separation from the physical body. This step can take place at the dying loved one’s side or even after physical death as a ritual for the family.

Granting Permission to DieSpeaking the words to gently release the loved one to die, letting them know that those remaining in life release them. With the knowledge that there is no need to worry for loved ones, the dying process can be freeing and release suffering.

Release of the Energy Body~ Through this ancient shamanic ritual, at physical death, the 7 chakras and luminous energy are released from the physical body. This supports the soul of the loved one to the light and brings peace to all in the process. This ritual can take place at the loved one’s side at physical death or afterwards, at any point, to bring peace and comfort to loved ones.

Connecting to Loved Ones in Spirit~ This healing act can provide reassurance, comfort and deep healing for those remaining in life here to live in peace after a loved one has left this life. The shaman connects in spirit ‘across the rainbow bridge’ with deep intention of healing in pure unconditional love. A profoundly moving healing opportunity.

Earth Mandala~ This ceremony or Aya Despacho is created with specific intention and honoring of the loved one. It is a beautiful ritual offering release of grief, celebrating the beauty of the loved one’s life, offering release and symbolically creating a rainbow bridge from this world to the world of the divine. An Aya Despacho is a rainbow of colors from layers of papers and earthly offerings bundled in a bound package of paper, which is then lovingly offered to the fire as a gift to spirit. A beautiful way to honor a loved one who has returned to spirit. See ‘Despacho Ceremonies’ below for additional information.

Conscious dying support and services are available as visits to homes, care facilities including hospitals, hospice, long-term care homes and are available for adults, children, pets and for families of loved ones.

$200 base

~Despacho Ceremonies


A beautiful ritual of creating a mandala organic in nature with flowers, seeds, grains, sweets, leaves. This mandala is born out of prayers for balance {Ayni Despacho}, for great turning over or shifts {Kuti Despacho}, or for death either symbolic or physical {Aya Despacho}. Despacho ceremonies are created in a place of deep honoring and gratitude. Pachamama, gaia, mother earth holds the mandala that is created with the prayers of deep gratitude and deep intention. It is an interactive ceremony and an opportunity to release that which no longer serves one’s journey and with gratitude, to call in the gift of creation. This is a healing experience rich in beauty flooding the senses of smell and taste and sight and sound and touch as well as those senses born from spirit, the unknowable, the unseen energy. Upon closure of the prayers in the creation of the mandala, blessings are invited in by those present before the shaman wraps it with loving intention as it transforms into a cleansing tool to clear the energy body with it’s sweeping motions. It is then ceremonially either offered in a sacred fire, or to a river, lake or ocean, or to pachamama deep in the rich soil that is her nurturing belly. As the despacho is released, so are the intentions blown in {as prayers} while fully disclosed to spirit and the universe for the highest good. This is a powerful ceremony and one that takes a life of it’s own in energy as well as visual display. Despachos can be personal and singular with Christina or held in group settings.

$200 Despacho Ceremony~ single


Commissioned Paintings

Through interview and journeying, Christina paints your vision, your dream, your power animal or guide. Created on Canvas or Fine Archival Art Paper Inquire for Sizes and Pricing. Shipping Worldwide.


Crystal Bed Chromotherapy

Clear double terminated vogel quartz blessed Brazilian crystals radiate through colored lights flooding your luminous energy field. This chromotherapy infuses balancing and recharging of the energetic (chakra) system. Raised vibrations are healing vibrations. Chromotherapy is available for all people, for relaxation and rebalancing and grounding of personal intentions. The crystal chromotherapy is experienced lying comfortably with eyes closed, with crystal lights above, while listening to soft relaxing meditative sounds which may include binaural beats.

$90 1 hr

$60 40 mins



Event Direction

Event Direction and On-Site Management With mindful, grounded, organized, detailed, action and intentional attention to space logistics, design, ornamentation, and energy,